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A son with a crippling disability. Overwhelmed, often violent. 

The ocean gave him peace. Searching for a new normal,

the Smith family risks it all to set sail on the voyage of a lifetime.


 The Smith Family longed for normalcy, but with an Autistic son who is unable to communicate and prone to violent outbursts, the ocean was the only place they could find peace.

Risking it all, they set sail on the adventure of a lifetime.

As their journey unfolds, they discover wondrous new places and meet eccentric characters, who impart lessons about life on island and sea.

This unflinching film unapologetically shares the struggle of raising an Autistic son with a cognitive disability. The Smith’s demonstrate that just because a family cares for a disabled child, it doesn’t make them disabled. It makes them stronger. Feel deeper. More caring. Together, they thrive.